Expert in ICT solutions

BTR Services offers a whole range of ICT solutions to facilitate and automatize various business processes.

Gain an even greater competitive advantage

We identify issues and gaps in your organization where our ICT solutions can improve your daily tasks. Our in-house created solutions or the solutions we offer through various partnerships, offer your company an important competitive advantage over your competitors.

Our offer contains:

  1. Paperless office

Reduce that massive amount of paperwork and switch to a paperless office! All processes are completely digitalized and automatized.

  1. Development factory

BTR Services helps you setting up and standardizing a development environment.

  1. Application refactoring

We give your legacy systems a makeover. Your applications are updated and optimized internally without the user noticing anything. User experience remains the same.

  1. Smart collaboration

Improve information exchange and facilitate collaboration between colleagues, with partners and customers through e.g. online file sharing.

  1. Smart open source

Thanks to BTR's open source solutions, you get answers on how to increase your profits while decreasing costs and minimize risks.

  1. TaaS

Harmonize communication between your business applications using a tool that offers software transformation, such as TaaS.

  1. Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACoE)

Maximize your analysts’ maturity level and the organizational standards of Business Analysis .

  1. IT service management

Align IT services with your enterprise's needs, meanwhile emphasizing the benefits to customers.

Our ICT solutions often combine the expertise of several teams and include:

  • an end-to-end analysis
  • creation, implementation and follow-up using a customer-centered approach and focusing on the human capital and your in-house processes
  • the suggestion of a (technical) solution

For more information about all our ICT solutions, click through to the appropriate pages or fill in the contact form.