Migration to Linux - Control your Budget and Risks

With Oracle's acquisition of Sun, the heritage of the SPARC platform with Solaris is undergoing a dramatic change--not only in ownership, but in the future viability of the server. Many customers have already started a migration to alternative solutions. Others are exploring valuable options.

BTR Services offers the sensible low-risk, high value alternative where Red Hat Enterprise Linux successfully replaces traditional UNIX workloads across the enterprise. Quick results are to be found in

  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Hardware vendor neutrality
  • Increased flexibility to users

The BTR Services’ ADIM methodology has been designed to provide full flexibility in Migration planning and to lower the risk and cost of the initial investment.

ADIM methodology

Our customers have the ability to evaluate the project on the specified milestones between the four phases of ADIM.

Our Assessment services portfolio are based on both high-level assessments (Workshop) with a focus on the customer's specific ROI as well on detailed technical assessments using tools, questionnaires and a pilot project.

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