Legacy application modernization and migration

Application modernization and migration

Legacy systems still have a dominant position as a platform for their back-office support. On a global scale, company critical applications run for 60% on mainframes. When it comes to transaction processing, more than 83% of it is handled through legacy systems.

Many of today’s legacy applications are still mission critical and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organizations that use and rely upon them.

But often they don’t meet user and customer demands

  • For broader access to applications via Web and mobile clients
  • For increased responsiveness to meet market opportunities and to stay competitive.

To meet these requirements, these applications must be modernized!

There are multiple options for modernizing applications …

  • There is no “one size fits all”
  • Each approach fits unique business needs
  • A single organization is likely to use multiple approaches

Which approach(es) you choose depend(s) on your business requirements and the applications

  • How strategic is the application to the business?
  • Is the existing application slowing down innovation and becoming a competitive disadvantage?
  • Who are the end users? What are their skills? Expectations?
  • Does the existing application meet their needs?
  • Are there opportunities for cost savings or improved business agility?
  • What skills are available?
  • What about cost and benefit (ROI)?

A difficult choice, but you do have a choice!

BTR Services offers two solutions :

The migration of legacy systems

The makeover of legacy systems

Both solutions guarantee a limited risk and quick payback