Our Delivery Model

Flexible versus Managed Staffing

The ICT services market has grown spectacularly during the previous decades. External flexible staffing was, and still is, popular to most of banks and insurance companies. This staffing model has lots of advantages to customers with specific individual resourcing needs. However, customers spend much time and efforts in recruiting, selecting, training and managing these flexible resources. And what about the risks to lose specific knowledge when people leave?

Our Managed Staffing Model commits to build and manage teams with specific knowledge and experience. The added value of the Managed Staffing Model is our commitment to take care of the key resourcing aspects which contribute to our customers’ operational excellence:

  • Quality of resources
  • Resource availability
  • Knowledge continuity
  • Resource management

Typical examples where our Managed Resourcing Model delivers added value are:

  • Software testing
  • Project Management Office
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Support


Managed Services

Many companies are implementing outsourcing models. With Managed Services we take your hassle away of planning and finding the necessary resources for a complex projects.