Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure in today datacenters should always be available, it never stops growing, should cost less and so on … Virtualization and open source Enterprise SW can help but it will always start by first understanding the business issues, translating them into technical requirements which in turn will be defining the datacenter architecture.
Not the purchase of Hardware or Software but investing in knowledge and people will lead to success. And that is where BTR Infra Services comes in. We are able to support you with our knowledge in innovative datacenter technologies.

A datacenter is more than servers, storage and networking alone. It is a combination of many things and it can be complex. Changes in IT environments, either planned or unplanned, happen every day and evolution doesn’t seem to stop.
Setting up the IT architecture, maintaining the operational IT environment, managing the numerous amount of changes and fast adoption to the ever fast changing needs is key.

The BTR Services’ Information Management Maturity model is the foundation to build Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Backup/Restore, Identity management, security, middleware and Cloud Services.

At BTR Services our engineers on average have about 10 years of professional IT experience. We have a healthy mixture of IT competencies in different domains but with a strong focus on enterprise datacenters. This goes further than installing servers, operating systems and storage. It is also about designing IT infrastructure architectures (servers, storage, virtualization, …), knowing how a datacenter works but very importantly also on how a datacenter is run in means of an operational point of view (Service management, Service level agreements, fail-over, disaster recovery, …etc). When our customers talk about high-availability, monitoring of IT resources, virtualisation in the datacenter, disaster recovery, life-cycle management, capacity management and many other datacenter and IT related topics, there is a strong chance we might be able to help.

As for every company it is also applicable to BTR Services, we are continuously looking to further grow in means of marketshare, competencies and knowledge.

Within the BTR Services Infrastructure Division we have chosen the path of Open Source as one of the pillars within our portfolio. In parallel of course we also intent to invest further in  our knowledge and competencies around servers, storage, services and datacenters.