Transformation as a Service (TaaS)

Every company has lots of administrative tasks, consuming people’s time that could be spent on other important tasks. Usually these tasks consist of manually copying information from one file, (e.g. excel, internet page, pdf, …) into another (internal) system such as the invoicing system.

Examples :

  • Fuel card administration
  • Leasing car administration
  • Electronic invoices
  • Insurance claims

BTR Services has developed a SaaS platform especially for that purpose which is called Transformation as a Service (TaaS). This platform allows you to transform supplied files into importable files for your existing systems.

How does it work ?

We are able to receive your files in different formats (e.g. XLM, XLS, CSV, EDI …), these files are then transformed on our TaaS platform and send back to you in the desired format. (e.g. XLM, XLS, CSV, EDI, SAP, internal formats, ...)

Files can be exchanged via different standard protocols (e.g. FTP/SFTP/Web Services, …).

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