BTR academy : Business analysts: emotional, psychological and cognitive aspects of the daily job.

Business analysts who want to go “the extra mile” need to be aware of what is happening in both sides of the brains and learn to take benefit of it

Even if stability in their job description and their relationships to other roles is not yet reached, the skillset that business analysts should possess is becoming clearer and clearer. A good combination of hard and soft skills, augmented with a hint of business acumen and pragmatism make them usually successful in change projects with a significative IT chunk. When trying to acquire those skills however one soon realises that there's "something more" that good BA have and that is difficult to put the finger on. By taking the cognitive perspective, this strange "something more" can be described. Information brokers, problem solvers, system thinkers... those roles the BA usually plays even without being aware will help us shedding some light on how their brain function.

Objectives of the presentation:
  • Clarify the link between the job of the BA and
    • Information brokerage
    • Problem solving
    • System thinking
  • Give cognitive interpretation
  • Suggest ways to improve
  • Propose techniques
Practical info
  • Public: everyone is welcome
  • Language: Dutch, French or English will be chosen on the spot depending on audience
  • Time: Saturday 22/09/2012 between 10h00 - 12h00, starting with a breakfast at 09h30
  • Location: BTR Services, Boom 

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Sat, 2012-09-22