What is an Enterprise Social Network?

A secure and private space where all members of an organization can have and participate in:

  • The exchange of corporate information
  • Better internal communication

Better, less and more efficient email in just 90 minutes?

April 16th, 6PM
Gunnar Michielssen's "EMAIL REHAB"
(Dutch session)


Research reveals knowledge workers on average spend 2 to 3 hours a day handling email. The writing, reading, filing and searching of email has become a substantial part of our daily routine. A small efficiency gain rapidly provides several additional and productive working hours a week. Worth the time and effort to (re)consider the email culture in your organisation, isn't it? 


In a world where “cloud”, “web applications” and “bring your own device (BYOD)” are becoming general trends, it’s time to dive into the mind of a cyber criminal. Security is not an option, it’s a must!

Business analysts who want to go “the extra mile” need to be aware of what is happening in both sides of the brains and learn to take benefit of it

Today, bringing personal device into the enterprise is a clear trend and companies who are going mobile need to consider this fact. This major change in the Corporate IT world brings questions under the spotlight.

As company critical information is now on personally-held device, it’s time to think (again) about the importance of a well defined set of security policies and protecting the data from in & out -side threads.