About us

We assist Banks and Insurance companies on their Transformation Road

BTR Services is a Belgian ICT company specialized in the always evolving world of Banking & Insurance. A world where transformations go faster than ever before, and where financial institutions are slowly willing to change along with the modern environment. The ‘conservative attitude’ of these institutions is transforming into a more open view in relation to technical and business strategies. Consolidations and migrations force banks & insurance companies to progress on the road of transformations. Changes in legislation have created more complex activities.

Further cost reduction and profitability combined with a higher level of flexibility and efficiency are today’s top-of-mind issues. These economical key indicators are forcing the financial institutions and their CIO’s towards focused future transformation.

Being a solutions company, BTR Services offers process driven banking solutions based on services, third party products and own products.

Our 125 employees have an average of 10 year experience in the financial sector, knowing its ICT/Business operations and challenges thoroughly. They understand our customer’s objectives and are able to propose best-fit solutions.